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Roundup: Top 5 new Ibanez products for 2015


Ibanez axes are the super cars of the guitar world. They’re loud, in your face, and designed to be driven fast. Their sleek, streamlined bodies and super thin, super fast necks have made them the instrument of choice for our favourite dazzling guitar virtuosos…
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Thursday, September 18 at 8:00pm
Doing a gig in Canberra at The Durham Castle Arms on Thursday September 18th with The Lethals. Hope to see all the Canberra crew there.
Massive jam session with some of Canberra’s hottest musicians.
This going to be fantastic. Can’t wait!!

Fender Princeton ’65 vs ’68 Amplifier Review

Wondering what the differences between the Princeton ’65 and ’68 are? Matt Davis gives you a quick review and rundown on the features and sounds the ’65 and ’68 can provide (’65 on the left and ’68 on the right). There’s a little of something here for everyone.

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Don’t be a square, get a Cube!

The boys are back! And this time they are demoing the New CUBE GX series from Roland. Matt from Better Music, along with Braegen from Roland give you some tips on how to make this amp sing! Watch the boys at work and learn how to dial in some of those original Boss tones to get the sound you are looking for. What do you need to do? Watch this video! Then come in store and check out these awesome amps!

Boss GT-001 – the future of guitar FX

Matt Davis is back! And along side him is Braegen from Roland, Sydney. Today the boys are demonstrating the New GT-001 desktop guitar effects processor from Roland. In this episode they will give you a rundown of what this thing can do, and how it’s going to help you get the sound you have always longed for!

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Show the ME-80 who’s Boss

The boys from Roland and Better Music give you a rundown of what’s new in the Boss ME-80 multi-effects pedal. Learn how to use the ME-80 as our own Matt Davis guides you through the incredible features this brand new pedal from Roland has to offer.

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