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How Do I Tune Thee? A Guide To Tuning Your Guitar


Staying in tune can be the bane of any musician’s life. But with all the methods of tuning out there, what is the difference and what is best for your situation? Well, we at Better Music are here to help.

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Standing up for the little guys

Whether you’re travelling, looking for something different for your live shows, or just hate dragging around a giant acoustic guitar case, mini acoustics are a viable option that will attract attention not only for their comical size, but their impressive sound.
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Martin Performing Artist

GPCPA4_Shaded_tI was looking for an acoustic guitar for a little covers duo act I’m embarking on with another Better Music colleague, so I spent the morning lurking in the acoustic room upstairs. Not only did I sit on the Taylor couch – the most comfortable couch in the world, but I grabbed guitars off the wall with abandon (ignoring the ‘please ask a staff member’ cards). I wasn’t necessarily looking for a guitar with a pickup as the new Schertler AG6 had arrived and had risen more eye brows than a Miley Cyrus video. I was just looking for the best acoustic guitar…that wouldn’t arouse the suspicion of my financier. I mean fiancée.
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