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Boss SY300 Review: It’s a game-changer


Thinking of playing keyboard parts on the guitar?  Want organ and string sounds on your guitar?  Want to play that classic intro to Van Halen’s “JUMP”?  Look no further than the new Boss SY300 Guitar Synth.
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Top 5 Mixing Tips

Mixing is hard work and the information you receive from other mix engineers is often hazy and generalized. I suppose it’s like asking Chagall how to paint (if you could ask him). Everyone has their own style and approach, which is the cumulative experience of 20 years or so in the business. However, I’m going to give you my top 5 mixing tips. If you’re still trying to understand how to EQ and compress, look back through our studio recording section.
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Film Everything – GoPro!

They’re everywhere! The iPhone now has a competitor for the coveted ‘Gadget to be shoved in your face the most’ award – the truly amazing feat of design, innovation, and engineering that is the GoPro.
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Recording electric guitar at home: without an amp


There was a time when the only way to record electric guitar was to plug a guitar into an amp, put a mic up to the grille cloth and press record on a tape machine. Nowadays, guitarists have a wealth of options to choose from when recording their instrument, including many that don’t involve a guitar amp at all.

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Clash of the Titans

titans We recently had a customer looking to purchase a pair of high-end studio monitors, so naturally, we wanted to seize this opportunity to spend the boss’s money and round up some staff picks for the audition. Continue reading Clash of the Titans

UA Apollo – for sound out of this world!

Universal Audio have been making professional studio equipment for over 50 years and if their new Apollo line of interfaces is anything to go by,  the future of Universal Audio is looking very bright indeed!

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