Boss DM-2W Delay Review and Shootout!


The DM-2 Waza is one of our favourite delays in front of clean or dirty amps.  Not only does it have the classic BBD analogue sound of the original, it features modern day improvements like the re-voiced Custom Mode, Direct Out and Expression pedal input.

Watch our shootout video here: Boss DM-2W vs MXR Carbon Copy.

DM-2W Standard vs Custom Mode

Standard mode faithfully reproduces the classic sound of the original DM-2. Repeats in Standard mode are dark, warm and gritty. This makes the DM-2W perfect in front of a dirty amp, since the delay repeats tend to sit behind the dry signal, without becoming too prominent. The original DM-2 pedal had delay times in the range of 20 to 300 milliseconds, plus that classic BBD tone. With standard mode on the DM-2W, that’s exactly what you get— the 100% real analog DM-2 sound.

Custom mode features re-voiced delay repeats plus longer delay times (up to 800ms).  To bring more versatility to the pedal’s Waza Craft incarnation, the engineers at BOSS figured out how to take that sought-after original sound and enhance it with longer delay times and a slightly cleaner tone.  This makes Custom mode great in front of cleaner amps, to give clearer and slightly brighter delay repeats.

DM-2W Expression pedal input

Connect an expression pedal (such as the Roland EV-5) and adjust the delay time with your foot. Beyond the obvious hands-free delay time adjustment for specific songs, this also lets you create some very cool real-time self oscillating effects.

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