Boss SY300 Review: It’s a game-changer


Thinking of playing keyboard parts on the guitar?  Want organ and string sounds on your guitar?  Want to play that classic intro to Van Halen’s “JUMP”?  Look no further than the new Boss SY300 Guitar Synth.

Back in the 70’s, Roland was one of the few companies to venture into the world of guitar synthesisers.  At the time, guitars needed to be fitted with customised MIDI pickup systems to trigger oscillators and synthesised sounds but today, the game has changed.  Boss’ new SY300 is a guitar synthesiser that needs no customised pickup! It is designed to trigger oscillators directly from a standard electric guitar….yep, even the ones you already own!

You get three oscillators with seven waveforms, 64 effects types and a lot more.  It is definitely a game changer.

Watch our video here:

Find out more on our website here, or on the official Boss site here.


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