Roland RV-6 Digital Reverb…it’s coming!


In 2002, there was no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Apple had only just released the iPod and Australian John Sullivan saw his WiFi technology used in Cisco’s first home WiFi router.

A lot has changed since then!

Also in 2002, Boss released their RV-5 digital reverb pedal.  And for the last 13 years, it has been a go-to pedal for guitarists the world over (the Modulate setting has become a long-time favourite of ours).

Advances in DSP technology mean that the new RV-6 is packed with features that simply wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago. The new Boss RV-6 is a simple but high-powered reverb pedal that uses the latest DSP technology. In addition to the standard Hall, Room, Plate, Modulate and Spring modes, it incorporates new modes such as Reverb + Delay, Dynamic (a type of ducking reverb that automatically varies the reverb level according to you playing style) and Boss’ unique Crystal mode, that gives you an ethereal shimmering sound by adding overtones and octaves.

The RV-6 has stereo in/outs and parameters can be controlled in real time via an external expression pedal.

Find out more about the Boss RV-6 here.




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