Roundup: Top 5 new Ibanez products for 2015


Ibanez axes are the super cars of the guitar world. They’re loud, in your face, and designed to be driven fast. Their sleek, streamlined bodies and super thin, super fast necks have made them the instrument of choice for our favourite dazzling guitar virtuosos…

…at least that’s the general opinion among those who scratch the surface of Ibanez products.

In fact, Ibanez also produce outstanding hollow body guitars enjoyed by monster players like George Benson and John Scofield, plus versatile, gig-worthy, innovative bass guitars and iconic effects pedals (Tubescreamer anyone?).

With their new 2015 range, Ibanez has managed to produce both innovation and value – instruments that are both impressive and feature packed, but also produced and finished with outstanding care and attention.  We think Ibanez is making some of the best sub-$1000 guitars on the market currently.  I for one am very happy that new guitar players are going to be able to learn on fantastically well-made instruments and have a thoroughly enjoyable (and viciously contagious) introduction to guitar playing instead of the frustrating and demanding slap-in-the-face introduction we all had with cheap guitars that don’t stay in tune and are more suited to firing arrows than playing C chords.

Here are our top picks of the new Ibanez 2015 range:

1.   JEM77P BFP Steve Vai Signature

Just look at this thing, it’s an absolute beauty! This guitar impresses non-musicians as much as it does musicians. Your fingers glide effortlessly over the fretboard of this beautifully crafted instrument and its DiMarzio Gravity Storm pickups are delicious. Warm, smooth highs that can sing sweetly or by cranking your amps treble can cut through without becoming harsh. Wow. Just wow.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The latest incarnation in Steve Vai’s JEM line brings together all the best features of the original 1980s models with a few significant improvements for 2015.

Watch our video:


2.   PS40 Paul Stanley Signature


Kiss fan? Actually, that’s not a question. Kiss fan, this is available for you to purchase without delay. Let’s face it, this is a stunning guitar and not at all silly (like some axe-shaped models we’ve all seen and sniggered at). It’s an Ibanez Iceman and they’re possibly the coolest looking guitars in existence.

WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s Paul Stanley’s signature guitar, so all your favourite KISS riffs just sound better.

Watch our video:


3.   SR750 Bass


This fast-neck, bubinga top temptress plays like a dream, has three bucket loads of tone and comes loaded with…Nordstrand pickups. We won’t be retracting that in a few days, it has them – they’re screwed into the body.

WHY WE LIKE IT: All the ergonomics of the SR-series, heaps of on-board tonal options, high-end Nordstrand pickups and exotic tone woods for under $1200. Killer.

Watch our video:


4.   TS MINI Overdrive

ts mini

Hopefully, if you’re reading this you’ll know what a Tube Screamer is. If you don’t, it’s OK, you should be feeling ashamed – it’s normal. Every guitar player should have at least one Tube Screamer pedal. Now they make them small enough that you can have two regular sized Tube Screamers under your feet, and a mini Tube Screamer in each jacket pocket.

WHY WE LIKE IT:  Everything you love about THE classic rock overdrive, but in a smaller footprint…and for less than a pair of UGG boots.  Come on!

Watch our video:


5.   FR365 TFB Guitar


This is in my top 5 guitars of all time. Look at it. Playing it makes you feel good. The sound that emanates from it makes you feel good. Looking at it for too long makes you feel a little bad. Ibanez say it’s like a chameleon when it comes to musical genres. They’re right. It covers more bases than a Telecaster. There, I said it.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Impeccably presented and really playable T-style guitar (with a ballsy humbucker in the bridge) under $700.

Watch our video:


Honourable mention: AF55 TF Artcore Hollowbody

You make for damn sure that you’re wearing an ironed shirt before you pick up this guitar. This stone-cold serious guitar produces such a rich and complex tone that it’ll make your mouth water. If you’re a purist and a tonesmith, grab your brown leather wallet and meet me at the register.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Well designed, solidly made and surprisingly playable hollowbody guitar for under $500.

Check out these awesome models (and more) for yourself:

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