A real-world challenge for the Roland TD-25


One of the really appealing things about electronic drum kits is their practicality (read: less noise!).  Electronic drums overcome THE major hurdle for every drummer: how to play and practice without causing family breakdown, neighbourly meltdown or both.  Simply pop on your headphones and get to it – no fussing, scheduling or bargaining required.  On practicality and peace-keeping ability, acoustic drums cannot come close to their electronic siblings.

Can I play the TD-25 at 2am / in an apartment / with kids sleeping / while someone beside me reads a newspaper?

But how loud is one of these kits while it’s being played?  Is it practical in the real world?  Will you really be able to play whenever you want?

To find out, we set up an omni-directional studio microphone (which detects sound equally 360 degrees around the mic) right in front of the TD-25 while it was being played.  We haven’t seen a simple test like this on Youtube, and we hope you find it helpful.

Watch the video here:

So, whether you need to play late at night, have kids sleeping, live in an apartment or have the neighbours from hell, we think the acoustic sound of the TD-25 will be acceptable for just about every intent or purpose.

For those in an apartment, or with a neighbour below you, watch the Roland Noise Eater test video here:

Or you could make your own (WARNING: Tennis balls were harmed in the making of this video):

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