Aimed at beginner drummers, the TD1KV from Roland’s acclaimed V-Drums line has all the features an aspiring musician needs…and a few extras thrown in to make learning the drums much more fun!

We have now had a chance to play the TD1KV for ourselves.  Here’s a few videos and our rundown on this little gem:
cymbal choke
TD1KV supports acoustic drum techniques
The pads and cymbals on the TD1KV are designed to replicate the feel and nuances of acoustic drums and cymbals. This makes the transition from an electronic kit to acoustic (and back again) a breeze. Even the snare pad has separate head and rim zones, with a mesh skin that can be tensioned just like a real drum head! The cymbals have multiple zones, allowing for the bow and bell playing, and even respond to cymbal chokes. The low-profile kick and hi-hat pedals are sensitive enough for detailed patterns.

Learning aids built in
Perhaps the most important feature for beginners is the built-in learning aids. These functions help to improve timing and accuracy as well as providing instant feedback on performances via the in-built recorder. Play along with the included songs or plug in an mp3 player and play along with your favourites – the onboard coaching functions will let you know how you’re doing. The aim here is to encourage improvement and increase motivation while making the whole process fun and easy to follow.

You can also hook the TD1KV up to your computer with a single USB cable to connect to the amazing V-Drums Friend Jam and access over 50 free backing songs to play along with and compare your results with other drummers from around the world! Not to mention tons of additional interactive tuition material to help you to raise your score.

TD1KV can be expanded
As your drumming progresses, the TD1KV can be expanded so you don’t have to rush out and buy another kit. TD1KV owners can add another cymbal, such as the Roland OPTD1C, and a kick pad for single or double pedals, such as the Roland KD9. You can add a drum monitoring system to give the drums more realism and power.  You can also connect to music creation software such as Garageband and Ableton, virtual drum software like EZDrummer, Superior Drummer and BFD for sound expansion, and the Roland DT-1 V-Drums tutor software.



As we have written about previously, not only are electronic drums small, silent, and relatively inexpensive, they also offer lots of fun features and impressive sounds to keep young minds engaged. The Roland TD1KV is an excellent choice for a beginner drummer and comes packed with pros to counteract the standard cons involved with introducing a drum kit to the home. The key words to take away from this article are: “inexpensive”, “quiet”, “fun”, and “buy”.

Find out more about Roland TD1KV here.

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 td1 lesson


  1. You say that the hi-hat pedal can be used as a second kick pedal, but it doesn’t mention that feature in the manual. Is it an easy switch to make?

    1. Hi Denni.
      Thank you for pointing this out. This feature is in fact not available on the TD1KV, and I have amended the blog post now. To play double pedal on the TD1KV requires both the KD9 kick trigger (sold separately) and a double kick pedal of your choice (sold separately). Alternatively, the TD4KP kit from Roland features a double-kick mode, as does every Roland V-drum kit above it in the range. Hope this helps. Jol.

      1. Thanks…. I’ve since found out that you can use a KD10, & attach the original kick pedal through its mix input, which would be a much cheaper double kick option than the KD9 & a separate double pedal.

    1. Hi Eman.
      Thanks for your question and apologies for the delay.
      Our experience with Roland V-drums over the years has been excellent in terms of build quality and durability. We very rarely have any issues, and often see older model kits that have been played for 10+ years only requiring a mesh head change. The rack, rubber pads and components on TD1KV are high quality and built to last.
      I hope you are enjoying your kit. – Jol.

  2. So can I use software like EZ Drummer just by connecting through USB. I noticed there’s not actual MIDI port, will that result in any latency? I’m totally new to this and unfamiliar with the differences between MIDI and the USB type B port on the TD-1K module. I hope this makes sense. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Bryce.
      Thanks for your question – we get this one quite a lot.
      Yes, you can simply connect from the USB (B type) output on TD1 to the USB port on your computer, no interface required. In this case, TD1 is sending MIDI information via the USB cable, not the usual 5-pin MIDI cable you might be familiar with. You can then configure EZ drummer to receive and record the MIDI information as you play. Depending on the performance of your computer and how much processing you’re doing within EZ Drummer there may be some latency, but this is a bit hard for us to comment on specifically. I hope this helps. – Jol.

    1. Hi Francesco. Yes, you can use the hihat pedal as a second kick pedal by assigning a bass drum sound of your choice to the hi hat trigger. However, because you’ll then lose the full use of the hihat, most people in this situation opt to buy a double kick pedal or an additional kick trigger (KT-10 or KD-7). Hope this helps – Jol.

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