Top 5 Benefits of Electronic Drums

If you are reading this, you are either thinking of learning to play drums, a parent of someone who wants to play drums, or you’ve seen everything Buzzfeed has to offer for the day and you’re still bored. Either way, you will be singing the praises of electronic drums by the end of this article.

Here are our Top 5 benefits of playing an electronic kit:

Other musicians are coaxed, praised and awarded, while drummers are scolded and forced into the coldest, dankest recesses of the property to diligently hammer out their lessons, surrounded by egg cartons and walls of old mattresses! It’s not fair! Not only does their beginner drum kit sound like a trash can of used brass instruments rolling down a hill, but they are forced to play only at certain times, in certain places for a constantly shrinking period of time. Is there no respite?

And if you’re a parent of someone who is wanting to learn to play drums, you are probably thinking of places you can lock your child away where they won’t give you a headache or whether they can be bargained down to bass guitar. Is there no respite?!

We tend to simply suggest to beginners and/or their parents that they should buy whichever kit will be played more often and for longer…we find this means an electronic kit in about 7 of 10 cases.  Yep, that’s roughly seven electronic kits sold for every three acoustic kits for beginners in our store currently.

2.   SOUNDS LIKE THE FUTURE…and the past, and the present
When you think of an electronic drum kit, the first thing that will come to mind is an 80’s pop hit, or something much more recent by Prince. Either way, the sound in your head is miles away from the sounds modern electronic drum kits are able to produce. Electronic kits now reproduce acoustic drum sounds so well that some drummers actually prefer using electronic kits, especially for studio work.

Electronic kits even replicate the feel of an acoustic kit with mesh heads and swinging cymbals. Mesh heads can be tensioned just like a real drum skin and the rubber pads, often found on cheaper electronic kits, have been specially designed to provide the perfect rebound. Not only that, but they are cheaper than their acoustic counterparts, take up much less space, are extremely easy to transport and can give you hundreds of drum and cymbal sounds at your fingertips. One more thing I’ll add to this point is that for the price of one decent crash cymbal for an acoustic kit, I could buy two cymbal trigger pads and still have enough left over for a set of headphones.

For the aspiring drums out there, this means that you can practice whenever you want in the comfort of your own home (not some draughty garage), you have access to hundreds of professionally tuned, expensive drums and cymbals and you can play them all through headphones or speakers at a more agreeable level. The most fun you can have with an electronic kit is turning the lights down, plugging in your phone or iPod and playing along with your favourite bands (and obviously pretending you’re the drummer and everyone thinks you’re the best – or is that just me?). For advancement, even the lowest priced kits have recording functions on board along with tuition programs and practice tools.

For the parents, you can now have the house (and by extension the TV) to yourself for most of your child’s teenage years. They will be in their room playing their electronic drum kit…or smoking. The point is, they’re so quiet – you wouldn’t know. Also, they’ll progress much faster due to their increased desire to play, their limitless practice time, and the built-in tuition programs. Your kids will be playing drums and out of the house before you know it. Also, playing the drum fill from ‘In the Air Tonight’ is a huge amount of fun after a few red wines.

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Or, if you’ve heard enough, check out these recommended models of electronic drum kits:

Roland TD1KV
Roland TD11K
Yamaha DTX450K


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