Scott Masters 7:25pm Jun 17

Howdy all,

This is going to be a long post, but it think it should make a few of you happy.

For those that don’t know me I’m Scotty from 104.7 and also at night I ruin my body clock by playing guitar in Night Train. Years ago, long before I hosted breakfast on 104.7 I hosted Homegrown on a Monday night and I’m quite proud of the support we as a major radio station gave to the Canberra Music Scene. Long story short with the rigours of 3am wake ups and some less than visionary Program Directors, Homegrown was shelved.

I’m pleased to announce it’s coming back to 104 (probably from late July/August) and it will probably have a Sunday night time slot from 6pm-8pm. Now, one of the other DJ’s will be the main host, but I will host the Made In Canberra segment weekly and also the local gig guide. So I wanted you guys to be the 1st to know and to spell out what it means. To keep it simple, it means airplay on the most listened to station in Canberra, it means promo for your gigs, promo for your venues and increased sales.

Sure there’ll be some stipulations on what genres we can play, but we do get leeway within our format to highlight local stuff, having said that, if you’re a death metal band or a chicken pickin country outfit, you’re probably not going to get played (but we will promo your gigs), and that leads me to the next major factor, your music must be well recorded/mastered for consideration, if we are going to play it between Birds of Tokyo and Sia and you’ve recorded your single on your iPad in garage band, it’s not going to hold up, so that is definitely a factor in getting airplay.

I know in the past bands like Tonk, Little Smoke, Meatbee, Fred Smith, and Redletter plus many more benefited from airplay on 104, in the way of sales and the way of punters at gigs.

The station postal address is Homegrown PO Box 106 Dickson ACT 2602, send any submissions to that address, with press kits etc, marked attn to me.

I’ll be in touch closer to the launch date, sorry for the long post.


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