Film Everything – GoPro!

They’re everywhere! The iPhone now has a competitor for the coveted ‘Gadget to be shoved in your face the most’ award – the truly amazing feat of design, innovation, and engineering that is the GoPro.
Since the release of the smart phone, we’ve been inundated with amateur video. You can’t turn on the TV now without seeing the latest viral video to take the world by storm for a few minutes, and it’s not all cats and toddlers. Since these things are in the pockets of every man, woman and child, the most amazing, candid moments are caught on video and shared instantly across the world. However, the shaky, low resolution footage isn’t much use for anything but candid videos of people falling out of hot air balloons or goodness knows what else. For a while it seemed that the only way for the amateur videographer to shoot something of decent quality was to drag out the old SLR (now a household abbreviation), but I found this to be a bit of a backwards step, “you mean I need a much larger, more expensive gadget?”

Enter the GoPro
The GoPro is a tiny camera capable of shooting at obscenely high resolutions and due to its size and weight, can be put just about anywhere. I’ve seen them mounted on things, thrown inside things, plummeting with a sky diver, plunged into the sea; it’s even been in space. Remember Felix Baumgartner’ famous 128,000 foot ‘space jump’? Well, he had a GoPro strapped to him, of course. The possibilities, it seems, are endless. The extremely wide angle captures everything and will record at resolutions up to 4k! I assume those of you who are still amazed by the ubiquitous 1080p resolution just fell sprawling from your chairs. In fact, when I first saw a GoPro camera, the only thing that seemed to be an oversight turned out to be its most impressive feature. Turning the camera around, I noticed that there was no view finder, no screen, or any way to see what you were shooting. I know the wide angle lens sees all, but it’d be nice to be able to see what you’re aiming the thing at. GoProAppThis is when I discovered that the GoPro will connect to a smart phone/tablet via its own wi-fi network and transmit what it’s capturing to your phone’s screen. What’s more is that you can control the camera from your phone and even change its settings. I installed and downloaded the GoPro app and with little fuss, was able to see what I was shooting, tell the camera to record (and stop recording), and change practically every setting the camera has – from a considerable distance! Team it up with your iPad/tablet and you have a luxuriously large screen and will be the toast of the filming community.

Made for music
The GoPro is now available in a music pack, which includes everything you need to attach the GoPro to microphone stands, gopro guitarheadstocks, drum kits, pianos, you name it! The ability to shoot a cinema quality music video without a small loan and qualified camera man is now a startling reality (much to the dismay of my old, tired band mates). Film your rehearsals, film your gigs, film the road trip (or tour bus if you’re doing well). Throw the camera into the audience, let it do the rounds, and call it back on-stage!

To say that we at Better Music love the GoPro is a drastic understatement. I write this whilst lying sprawled on the floor.

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Music

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