A Royal Welcome


The new Tone King Royalist is one of the best amps we’ve ever seen…or heard!
Ironically arriving on our doorstep on the Queen’s birthday weekend, the Royalist certainly has the same blue blood running through its wires as the legendary British valve amps. So, what’s the big deal? Another British style, all valve amp to cram into an already bloated marketplace? No. The Royalist would do battle with any classic British amp, any day of the week. The sound of this amp stirred up feelings of old-country patriotism in the heart of our 100% Aussie guitar gurus and sent them reeling back into a world of Union Jacks and bell bottom trousers.

Aside from the tonal variations this amp is capable of, and its super stylish aesthetics, my favourite features are the built-in attenuator and its very clever effects loop. The Ironman attenuator is the most useful thing ever put into a guitar amp and I can’t believe more manufacturers don’t do this as standard. You can get the same roaring valve tone right down at ‘bedroom’ levels, which is great for guys who usually have to switch over to less desirable solutions when practising at home, but also gives you a fantastic tool for recording. The tube-buffered effects loop offers a solution for loading up your pedals without costing you your tone, and has a bypass switch on the front panel, so your effects loops doesn’t have to stay open when you’re not using it.

Now plug your headphones in, because our guitar legend Matt is about to wail on the Tone King Royalist:

Heard enough? Click here to get the Tone King Royalist!

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