Internal affairs

some kind of monster

Recently, when arguing with my band mates, we happened upon a solution to an age-old question – who’s right?
As usual, a song was written and not all of us agreed on its structure. I say not all of us; we’re a 3-piece and I didn’t agree with the other two members. However, there was a stalemate. I wanted my short, sharp shock arrangement and they preferred a more dynamic and progressive arrangement. It seems simple, doesn’t it? A band should be a democracy and I was out voted, but then you have no idea how stubborn and childish I can be. It seemed as though there was nowhere to go from here and that one of us (or two of us) would have to back down sooner or later.

Fortunately, in 2010, Zoom released the H1 – their smallest portable recorder yet. Our singer/guitarist always brings his H1 to band practice to record the session, which is a great idea if you don’t do it already. We recorded both versions and listened to them objectively. Of course that didn’t work at all and we were still in complete disagreement. Then, one of us had a great idea (the smartest one of us), why not have our colleagues and friends listen to both versions and tell us which one they liked best? Musicians and non-musicians alike would vote for their favourite version and whichever came out on top would be the undisputed champion. After all, who’s opinion is more valuable, that of the creator or that of his/her intended audience?

Since we’ve got a lot of work to do selling gear, fixing guitars and writing blog posts, we haven’t got a result yet. But, if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, and you will, this is the solution:

ZOOM H1 handy recorder

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