…and one for all!


The Joint Strike Fighter can take a back seat; the Pioneer XDJ-R1 is the smartest thing ever invented.
Right here, in this one unit, you can play from CDs and USB devices, control DJ software via USB, and control the whole thing wirelessly with an IOS device. Rekordbox software comes in the package too, so you can use beat syncing and quantized beat fx via the beat grid. The CD players obviously play audio CDs, but you’ll be happy to know that they also handle data CDs if that’s how you roll.
But, perhaps the most over-used feature on our XDJ-R1 is the four-beat sampler. Those three dedicated buttons get hit on more than a drunk girl on the dance floor.

The XDJ-R1 is a great unit for wedding/party DJs as well as budding DJs who want something better than the standard digital controllers. With the ability to play from pretty much any source and amazing portability – without having to risk the health and wellbeing of your laptop – the XDJ-R1 is a very good, very clever DJ solution, and there is a Pioneer road case available if you think you need it.

It would have been cool if the wireless features of the Aero unit were present rather than just straight control, and waveform displays would be nice, but for this price…no…no, I don’t hear anyone complaining.

Check out this video walkthrough from Pioneer themselves:

 Click here for more info on the XDJ-R1

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