The Tablet Recording Revolution

ipad studio

On April 3rd, 2010 the iPad was released. Until then, having the power to handle practically every task a computer is capable of in a device smaller (and lighter) than an A4 notepad was reserved for futuristic sci-fi movies. By now, Apple have sold approximately 240 million iPads and its popularity is still growing. However, when I tell people that it’s possible to have a 48-channel recording studio operating from their iPad, their response is still a mixture of confusion and childlike wonderment.

The iPad/Tablet market is not reserved for gadgets and gimmicks, high-end professional equipment is now produced with IOS compatibility and equipment that isn’t can still be used via USB adaptors and powered hubs. Furthermore, large companies are now making iPad versions of their recording software and virtual instruments, with some even making IOS only versions. Believe me when I say that you will not be scoffed at for recording with your iPad, with brands like Apogee, MachineWave Labs, and KORG leading the competition with professional quality products.

Still not buying it? Gorillaz recorded their latest release ‘The Fall’ entirely on an iPad, during a tour, using apps. And now that it’s been proven that a commercial release can be made on an iPad, other bands are following suit.

So, instead of traipsing into the cold, dark study at the back of the house, powering up your computer and waiting for your software to load, just grab your iPad, sit on the couch and make history.

Ready to get started? Click here!

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