New band seeks singer


Hi all

New rock band seeks singer. Band leader has written below…
As always, get in touch with me at the shop for contact details.


“My new band needs a singer.  It’s rock band but we plan to cover many eras and will also include some Japanese rock e.g. puffy (but our bass player can teach you how to sing Japanese so you don’t have to be a native speaker…) and original music.

Current line up is 2 guitars, bass, drums. Some keyboard skills would be an advantage but not essential.”

One thought on “New band seeks singer”

  1. hey man, im teaching myself how to sing at the moment (taking lessons), im not a great singer (yet) but getting better and plan to get better still. I am ok with backup vocals, and I also write and produce music, see my songs at I do backing vocals on all the tracks, Matt from better music sings for me. If you guys were willing to be a bit patient with me until I come up to speed on vocals, Id be keen to have to shot. I might add Im an older dude, but I look fairly young. Anyway, Id understand if you pass. All good, just thought Id check anyways.

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