Guitar amps we love

I’m sure you’ll have a favourite guitar amp, maybe it’s an amp you saw lined up behind your favourite band or an amp that was used to record one of your favourite albums. Well, here are our favourite amps:
Nick – Service
Amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb
Why: “Well, it sounds awesome turned up to 5 (edit: not quite Spinal Tap), has an iconic clean sound and a really cool drive.”

Cap’t Mitch – Guitars
Amp: Marshall JCM800
Why: “I don’t know, I’ve always wanted one – it’s the first amp I ever wanted to buy. It’s just a classic rock amp.”

Bob – Guitars
Amp: Mesa Road King
Why: “Because it’s awesome. Ultimate versatility. It’s just a killer amp.”

Simo – Acoustic guitars
Amp: Bogner Shiva
Why: “It’s got the Vibrolux clean channel and a JCM drive channel. Straight from that glassy clean tone to that real woody JCM drive.”

Chad – Guitars
Amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb
Why: “It’s really versatile and it’s a great foundation for adding effects pedals. Everything works with it – drive pedals, reverb pedals, everything. And it takes them all straight in the front, which is awesome.”

Matt – Guitars
Amp: Marshall JCM 800
Why: “It’s the ultimate rock amp – it’s legendary.”

Steve – Sound Reinforcement
Amp: Soldano SLO-100
Why: “I’ve had that amp since…94, and it’s never let me down. It’s classic tone done right in a more robust design.”

Paul – Studio/DJ
Amp: Fender Twin
Why: “It always sounds lively and aggressive. Really glassy cleans, awesome bluesy tones, and sharp, cutting drive. Plus you can chuck pedals straight into the front end with no issues.”

Well, there you have it. Some classics and some amps you can go out and buy today.

What’s your favourite?

2 thoughts on “Guitar amps we love”

  1. Orange Dual Terror and Tiny Terror. Overdrives like no other with quieter gain hiss. Keen to try the Dark models when I start shopping.

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