Everybody’s Appy

Whether you want to admit it or not, apps are taking over the world. There aren’t many things that don’t now come in app form and as people are becoming more and more attached to their portable devices, apps are only going to become more popular and more powerful.
The tablet phenomenon has grown exponentially in the past few years. What was once a handy device with books, music and games on it is now a fantastically powerful device – in the recording world, it’s now possible to record upwards of 16 tracks of audio on an iPad! So, it’s not much to my surprise that DJ apps were to follow. I’m sure we’ve all played around with the gimmicky DJ mixing apps on an iPad or iPhone, but you now have the ability to run a fully-fledged DJ software in the club, right from your iPad.

Traktor DJ is the new app from Native Instruments, which gives DJs all the tools they need – even including a few features that aren’t available in Traktor Pro! What’s more is that their new range of controllers are designed for use with iPad and they instantly map with the Traktor DJ app. The first controller to bring this connectivity to the marketplace was the Z1 compact mixer, but the release of the new MK2 S2 & S4 units sees IOS compatibility as a standard feature with all new controllers. This takes the gimmicky DJ app and turns it into a fully professional and highly portable system for DJs the world over.

Serato are also jumping on the IOS bandwagon with the recent release of their Serato DJ app, allowing users to connect their IOS compatible controllers. Pioneer DJ consoles are now shipping with Serato DJ and all future models will have IOS compatibility.

The really cool thing about all this is that we’ve now found a true replacement for your laptop, and as well as having control via your digital console, you also have the option of reaching right in and using the touch-screen interface of your iPad/tablet.

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