Faking it

When you hear a commercial CD, the chances are that the drums, guitars, etc were recorded in a large and beautiful sounding room designed through no small feat of architectural inspiration. Your room, however, is small, possibly dank, and certainly unpleasant sounding. So what can you do? Well, thanks to convolution reverb plugins, you can choose from several awesome sounding rooms and in some cases, build your own.

A convolution reverb plugin runs impulse responses, which are basically recordings of the reverb response of a room. The idea here is that your guitar recording, with a concert hall impulse response loaded, will give you the sound of that particular space. Impulse responses have now also been used to emulate guitar speaker cabinets, which are created in the same way.

Having the ability to place your instruments in any room can breathe an air of professionalism into your recordings and really transform a flat mix. But, it doesn’t stop there! With some plugins, you can build your own room – any size, any materials, even any gas mixture! Ever wondered what your drums would sound like if they were recorded in a triangular room with solid wood walls, plasterboard floor and 95% nitrogen in the air? No, neither have I. But isn’t it amazing?

So, don’t worry about how your room sounds; don’t worry about recording ‘in-the-box’; don’t worry about asphyxiating your drummer in 75% argon gas. Convolution reverbs. Go buy one.

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