Getting Lazy


I have found that my interest in doing things properly has been declining lately, but instead of trying to snap out of it and get back to work, I’ve embraced my laziness and apathy to see just how much easier technology has made music production.
In my current state, my mind is empty. No riff ideas, no melody lines; there’s nothing going on up there. So, I start with a drum beat to see if I can coax anything out of the void. I’m really not in the mood for getting my kit set up and ready to record, so I have a look at what virtual instruments I can use. The first one I pull up is my Maschine sequencer. It’s great, but I’m in the mood for an acoustic kit playing a funky kind of beat. I could load up an acoustic kit and play it in on the pads, but that’s too much effort. Looking further down the list, I see BFD2, which is acoustic drum production software. Here I can build my own kit, choose a groove/beat I like the sound of, then drag it and drop it onto a track in my DAW (Studio One). Done.

Next, I choose a bass audio loop from my audio loop library. Most DAWs come with additional audio loops, which are sometimes on a separate disc. I audition a few loops and find one that sounds pretty good, so I drag and drop it onto an empty track. After adding a few more audio loops to build up the track a little, I move on to something new.

On my iPhone, I have a fantastic app made under the supervision of Brian Eno called bloom, and I love messing around with it. So, I connect my iPhone headphone output to my audio interface and record my Bloom performance onto a free track. 
Now that things are really coming together, a bit of copying and pasting, and arranging spreads what I have out to three and a half minutes of music. I’m starting to feel like picking up my guitar and putting some riffs and chords down, so running through Studio One’s guitar fx/amp modelling plugin, I find some sounds that fit well, put my DAW into loop record, and start jamming.

So there we have it, from too lazy to breathe to a full track…and I didn’t even need to get off my seat!

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