Monitor Placement

Your studio monitors are perhaps the most important pieces of equipment in your studio. With that in mind, you’ll agree that they deserve some care and attention. 
Correct placement of your monitors will greatly improve their performance and ultimately, your mixes. However, as you have no doubt learnt from these posts – my room, situation, equipment, and ears are different from yours. So unfortunately, there’s no black & white guide on how to set up your monitors. Every room is different, and every room will react differently to sound.
This diagram should help you to understand the fundamentals, then it’s up to you:

As you can see, the speakers need to be the same distance from each other as they are from you. This forms an equilateral triangle. As long as the tweeter is pointing at your ear, they can be completely level, tilted down, or tilted up.
In relation to your rectangular room (if it’s square, you’re in for a world of pain), the monitors should be in the centre (horizontally) of the shortest wall, firing down the length of the room. However, they should not be dead in the middle vertically. If your speakers are the same distance from the floor as they are from the ceiling, you’ll have problems, so avoid this. You should aim to have the back of your monitors 8″ to 12″ away from the wall (although front-ported speakers such as KRKs can be placed a lot closer with no significant issues).
To get the best out of your speakers, you need to decouple them from the surface they’re sitting on. This puts them in their own environment, away from vibrating desks and the like. So, either place your studio monitors on reasonably heavy studio monitor stands, or if they need to be on a desk, use monitor isolation pads which are a fraction of the cost and do a really good job.
Moving your studio monitors from side to side and back a forth will change the response slightly, and is well worth investing some time in. Without an acoustically treated room you won’t get the very best out of your monitors, and you’ll be fighting whatever room modes are present. However, this is a whole other subject, and it will be discussed on this blog in due course.

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